Tag: Apartment, Posted: John Doe, Date: 17 Apr 2020

The best vaporizers for cannabis oil and concentrates

The rise of the dab has been meteoric and accompanied by fast industry interest as a new generation of consumers prefer concentrate to flower. It’s hard to say if technology enabled the culture or if culture enabled the technology, but dabs and devices go hand-in-hand—as much out of necessity as fashion.

A rig makes a dabber, and vaporizer companies have been quick to capitalize on this no-brainer match made in high-ven to create products populating the various forks in the family-tree of dab options.

Whether you’re looking to replace a torch and nail, have a safer experience, or simply improve your consumption ritual, we’ve taken an extensive look at the point where vaporizers and dabs intersect to find you the best tech money can buy.

We’ve broken up our overview of devices into two sections—tabletop devices and cordless/portable tech. See the table of contents to skip around.

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